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Microstamping & Microneedling


Microstamping is performed using a handheld device with a series of needles. It punctures the skin, creating a controlled, slight injury that helps to stimulate collagen to repair the puncture. This treatment requires no numbing, as the punctures are very small, creating a virtually painless experience. There is little to no downtime, so you can go about your daily activities.


What Microstamping does for your skin:

  • improves skin tone & texture

  • brightens skin

  • reduced appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • reduced appearance of hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or aging


35 minutes




This treatment uses a mechanical device that repeatedly punctures the skin using small needles to help improve the skin's texture, reduce pore size, reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, brighten hyperpigmentation, and reduce scarring with minimal downtime.

This treatment is not suitable for use around the eye area (we recommend microstamping for this)

For best results, we recommend having this treatment once every 4 weeks up to 4 times.


Please call if you are unsure whether or not this treatment is for you.

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