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Relaxation Massage
Body Services

Our Services

Relaxation Massage

These are performed by our estheticians. We cannot issue receipts for insurance purposes.

30 minutes                                                  

45 minutes                                                  

60 minutes                                                 

60 min Hot Stone Massage                 

35 minute Head Massage             

20 minute Face Massage                           








Reiki is a Japanese energetic practice that can reduce stress, promote healing, and bring relaxation by guiding universal energy through a "laying of hands". Reiki is known to bring harmony and balances the chakras. Reiki is a wonderful, relaxing and non-invasive treatment.

30 minutes             $55

45 minutes             $65

60 minutes             $75


Holistic Foot Reflexology is a focused massage technique working from the toes to the knees. It targets each part and system of the body by affecting their connections in the feet. Through Reflexology we hope to bring balance to the body systems and encourage deep relaxation.

45 minutes

60 minutes



Eminence Body Treatment

Elevate your body ritual with head-to-toe organic healing. Featuring stone crop – one of Éminence’s signature ingredients – this treatment extends firming and moisturizing to the entire body.


65 minutes

Back Facial

A facial for your back!

Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions where needed and moisture.


30 minutes

Spray Tan

Enhance your natural glow with a spray tan!


30 minutes

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